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Technology Is Invoice's Best Friend

Technology is Invoice’s Best Friend

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Hello, again Edge Readers.

I hope today’s blog gets your restaurant business running to the max!

Have you ever watched a restaurant before they open for business with a slew of delivery trucks? (If you haven’t, it’s a little bit messy). A bunch of people needing the attention of the managers and chefs? Well, each of which includes a paper invoice. Invoice management is a big topic in the restaurant business (yesterday, today, and tomorrow, basically always!). Operators want to get rid of the paper and automate the bill-paying process.

What should you be thinking about before you automate this process? What best practices should you put in place?

Easy… This is why PO comes to the rescue! P-what? Purchase order my friend. Good Invoice management should start when creating a Purchase Order (PO) with bids on all products -you can read my earlier blog on buying smart to learn more about bidding on products.

Many times, the manager or chef that receives the goods is not the same person that ordered them, so having a PO on a clipboard or tablet by the back door or in a wall, you decide where is better, it actually helps with receiving.

Purchase Orders and Invoices

But, nowadays, technology is a big part of us and now you can have all of your invoices automatically (yes!) import into your inventory software. No more manual importing or coding invoices. ALSO, did you know that automation can lead to increased costs?

Included in your automation should be PO to invoice discrepancy reporting!

Your discrepancy report should include the following information:

• Price change from bid to PO
• Catchweight adjustments
• Items shorted
• Replacement items
• Invoice number

And the best way for best practice when automating this process is…

1. Create PO’s whenever possible that include bid price.
2. Continue to check and sign all paper invoices.
3. Verify paper or scanned copy of paper invoice against accounting software before paying the invoice.

And voilà!

If you want more information or simply just want to improve your restaurant management software, you can simply go to the link below and you can have a FREE demo with DiningEdge!

See you at another EdgeBlog!

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