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Restaurant Inventory Management Made Easy – Now That’s Called ‘True Hospitality’
Rising food costs combined with price sensitive customers can be a major challenge in the Food and Beverage industry. To succeed and grow in this industry, you have to manage food costs. In the Food and Beverage industry it is usual to face constant challenges due to tight competition and not to forget the industry’s complex supplier networks and order management pressures.

Simplify Your Entire Purchasing Process And Increase your Bottom Line Profitability with Restaurant Purchasing Procurement Software

DiningEdge Technology provides an easy to use cloud based solution that enables you to save time and money. With its Software Suite For Restaurant management, you can place orders, manage suppliers and check status anytime, anywhere, along with other key features to make your day to day tasks a breeze.

#1 Cloud Based Restaurant Inventory Management Software to control your restaurant food cost and make a great business better. 

Reduce Errors and Save time

No more manual data entry, faxes, and managing phone calls; you can place orders using your mobile or your PC. Automated Ordering System For Restaurants provides a technological platform for suppliers and restaurants to connect more efficiently and automate their ordering processes. Save time in managing food and supplies and provide valuable data insights by using DiningEdge Technology (DET) mobile ordering platform.

Easily Delegate with high security

The Automated Ordering System For Restaurants allows you or your department managers to place orders with complete transparency, directly to the purveyors. With DiningEdge Technology, clients can compare live updated prices, automatically find appropriate comparable products, replace discontinued items and have full reports instantly. You can access and manage this software from anywhere in your warehouse, restaurant or while you are away via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Manage your supplies

Software Suite For Restaurant management enables you to set delivery dates, get order reminders and set cut off times. You can prevent fraud and ensure orders are placed with authorized suppliers. Get alerts and track shorts, credit and billing irregularities with this extraordinary software.

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