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software in May 2010. Year to date we have saved over 8% true audited savings, I truly believe there would be no savings at all. Another savings is definitely in our Executive Chef’s time. What used to take him 2 hours per order to complete, …



We have carefully done our due diligence and found DiningEdge software and their customer service to be outstanding. I am confident to recommend it. They under promise and over deliver. We need more companies like them.



Diningedge has been an enormously beneficial addition to our business. It stream lines the process from operations to management to finances. Diningedge helps ordering, inventory management, reduces waste, stream lines bill paying, reduces labor cost on paperwork, and protects us from getting taken advantage of. Month end paperwork and financial reconciliation use to take up to a full week per store, now, within a matter of a few minutes the P&L is complete and accurate.


myles group

Frank and Dawn, Thank you from Myles group. Calculated savings all round of approximately 1 million dollars is hard to believe, I am very skeptical, to make a believer of me has to be clear, concise and proven. Your methodology, algorithms are astounding. Your time-lines and promises were kept. I appreciate what DiningEdge and your staff have done for our group. The rebate program works flawlessly without any work from us and we still get rebates from our Purveyors.

Myles Restaurant Group

squid lips

I do not know how a restaurant can operate successfully without DiningEdge programs, I highly recommend their services. I have used DiningEdge for over 4 years and find them to have the complete software suite that any company big or small would need.

Squid Lips

With over 12 million dollars in Purchases, DiningEdge claimed the savings with all their programs would surpass $500,000 in genuine savings, we found this to be true, their work ethic and care for their customers are exceptional. I am glad we joined their Services and Rebate program.

Chima’s Brazilian Steakhouse

Having multiple restaurants and growing, DiningEdge is remarkable in their execution and accuracy, I have tried to pursue these tasks for 20 years and been unsuccessful for many reasons, DiningEdge works very well in all aspects in my business. My specific specialty Items and my specifications remain the same, In fact basically everything remains the same, except the efficiency, streamlining and savings is substantial.


cps crab shack

I checked on all software companies that offer the same or similar software to DiningEdge, the ease of use, updating prices live and the accuracy of their software is state of the art. We are very happy with the people involved in their company and their products. I 100% recommend DiningEdge Technology and all their products.

CFS Crab Shack

broken sound

We signed on with DiningEdge in May of 2010 and from the beginning it has been an incredible experience. They compiled all of our vendor information and input it into their systems with little effort on our part. They reviewed and explained every aspect of their software with great detail. In just a few months Broken Sound Club has saved over $29,000.00.

Broken Sound Club

rolling hills

We at Rolling Hills Casino were introduced to Dining Edge Technology and working with the Chefs, Purchasing, and DET programmers we have reduced ordering time. Now we are able to compare our products instantly and decide what our optimum purchase would be within our specifications. OrderEdge costs your products into units that you define according to our Chef’s specifications. In the first three months of this year we have saved close to $18000.00. You will see practical bottom line savings when you look at it from a food cost perspective…

Rolling Hills Casino


We have very specialized propitiatory products, what astounded me was I chose the quality and Prime purveyor and still received saving in time and money of over 10%. There is no program out there at this price or even at any price that comes close to DiningEdge.

Liam’s Steak House & Oyster Bar

stateside sandwiches

I met Frank Friedland almost 8 years ago and I have been using Dining edge and its affiliated software ever since and its been both a learning and profitable experience. Dining edges customer service team led by Dawn Wight is the most proactive and easily accessible customer service team I have dealt with in 25 years working in the food service industry. The software they currently use and continue to upgrade to meet their customer’s needs is second to none for ease of use. The order edge software not only streamlines my ordering, but I have no doubt that it has saved myself and the companies I have worked for as much as 10% on food cost and related supplies. The way the system integrates with my P.O.S. system, QuickBooks, menu costing and inventory make them a one stop shop tracking all aspects of food and supply expenses. Thank you Team Dining Edge!

Stateside Sandwiches

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