MenuEdge allows you to cost out recipes and menu items and control food cost. Using this tool you will always know what your current food cost is and where you are making the most money and when it is time to change menu prices, change ingredients or to add or lessen an item. With the cost of food products going up almost daily causing the ingredients cost to fluctuate and increasing your potential food cost on several menu items this inventory/menu tool gives you complete control over your restaurant menus. In the restaurant business this feature becomes a vital part of any restaurant business plan software program.

Your costs on your food directly affect your bottom line, your profits. If you don’t have a strong handle on your food costs every day you are losing money! This powerful software was developed by people who have been in the restaurant, food and bar industries for over 20 years and know from firsthand experience the hard work and dedication it takes to run a successful restaurant or bar. It is simple, fast easy to learn and easy to use.

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