We believe in full transparency. DiningEdge Rebate Program allows you to receive rebates direct from your manufacturers for items you already purchase. Our partner program allows you to see each item and the amount you receive. You will be able to take advantage on receiving rebates on over 10,000 items. This is the money you deserve, don’t let anyone to take it from you.

The process is simple.

We assess your items that you are Purchasing and see if there are collective buying opportunities for you to receive same or better quality items for a lesser price. Our Partner program has done this for many customers just like you.

Are you eligible?
  • Do you buy over $20,000 a month in food?
  • Are you part of a Buying Group?
  • Are you getting direct to consumer manufacture rebates?

Mayonnaise Real - Plastic Hellmann’s 4/1 GAL $10.00

Ketchup PC Hunts
1000/9 Gram $1.00

Example Rebates

Frank All Beef 4:1 6 Inch - Skinless Hebrew Nation 4: 16 lb $1.00

What is the cost and Obligation?
  1. There is no cost to you.
  2. No contract
How do you get your check?

1. Complete the application today

2. Wait for your check to arrive, 1st check 6 months, and then every 3 months

What else do we do?
Compare Vendors Pricing • Purchasing • Invoice Management • Accounting & POS Integration • Inventory Control • Recipe Management • Menu Engineering • Much More!

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