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How to Choose the Correct Vendor Management Software?

How to Choose the Correct Vendor Management Software?


The principal feature of vendor management, it’s improving your food service partnerships.

Have you ever heard about the three-legged stool metaphor? (Google it now if you don’t). Well, think about your business as a three-legged stool, ok? Each leg of the stool represents 3 of the success of your business. We have leg number 1 that represents your customers, leg number 2 represents your operations and, leg number 3 represents your partners.

If any of the three legs are inadequate, well, your whole business will fall apart. So let’s avoid this!

Let’s take a look at leg number 3: partners.

If you didn’t know a partnership is an arrangement between two or more people to manage business procedures and distribute its profits and liabilities. One of the most important partners in a restaurant operation has their foodservice vendors, distributors, or their major broad liner, for example, US. Foods, Sysco, Coca-cola, and many others.

So, Why vendor management software is really necessary?

Here are some reasons why having a partner can help your business save money on food costs.

Coordinate with Vendors anywhere – and save your time! Vendor Management Softwares will help with payment, invoicing, ordering, and order guide updates!

Happy customer = happy owner, right? – Your customers will appreciate the food quality created by selecting the correct vendor.

Supplier Control – Use order guide controls, quick credit recovery, and automated anomaly alerts to remove supplier overcharges or substitutions not approved, and many more.

To learn more, you can reach out DiningEdge and request a FREE demo. DiningEdge is a software made for hotels, catering, restaurants, schools, country clubs, nightclubs, and many more! Having 30 years of experience in the foodservice industry! See many of these features and even more.

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