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Vendor Management Software

A restaurant or any catering business depends on 3 major factors.
First are customers, Second are operations, and the Third, and perhaps the most important are partners. 

Partner with an Advanced Vendor Management System to Elevate your cost Control strategies

When it comes to partners, Food service distributors are one of the most important partners for any restaurant, bar, club or any other business when it comes to purchasing food through purveyors.

DiningEdge Technology’s new revolutionary Vendor Price Comparison Software simplifies time intensive price comparison, so businesses can see true cost savings.
Web Based Vendor Management Software helps restaurants save money on food costs and enables them to save time by simplifying the entire ordering process with their distributor.

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We automatically compare the prices…You save time and money

Save Time and Money
DiningEdge Technology’s product matching software matches your products across all of your vendors so you can easily compare prices to get the lowest and, or, the best ones. DiningEdge Technology along with product matching and price comparison, it allows easy tracking and ordering.Easily Delegate with high security.

Real time price comparison
Your digital guide will be prepared in the same manner as your in-house ordering guide, listing all the products you currently purchase. From there, let DiningEdge Technology’s Vendor Price Comparison Software manage the rest, it shows real time pricing of identical products, other substitutable pack sizes, and similar substitutions that you can order with the click of a button. Our timely notification feature will send email alerts when substitute products are available at a better price than what is on your order guide.

Save time through multi-vendor ordering

With DiningEdge Technology’s Vendor Management System For Restaurants, you can prevent wasting time on trying to source new products or check prices. All you need to do is order from one digital guide from all of your orders and search and add new products to it. The software is completely functional and available for immediate sign-up. Use it once and make DiningEdge Technology as your indispensable business partner to control even the largest expenses that you have.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

With over 12 million dollars in Purchases, DET claimed the savings with all their programs would surpass $500,000 in genuine savings, we found this to be true, their work ethic and care for their customers are exceptional. I am glad we joined their Services and Rebate program.
Chima’s Brazilian Steakhouse
Chima’s Brazilian Steakhouse
We signed on with DiningEdge in May of 2010 and from the beginning it has been an incredible experience. They compiled all of our vendor information and input it into their systems with little effort on our part. They reviewed and explained every aspect of their software with great detail. In just a few months Broken Sound Club has saved over $29,000.00
broken sound
Broken Sound Club

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