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Our sophisticated software will transform your hotels, hospitality, and resorts business into one that leads in its market, always appreciating customer trust and satisfaction. It is easy to use and empowers streamlining services so that they are carried out on time and precisely. Review your needs with our experts who will customize a solution that takes care of your business’s precise needs. We are here to assist your needs using high-technology software solutions.

DiningEdge offers the best hotel management software that includes a wide range of functionality that will improve and manage many aspects of your operations with higher performance. Any business in the hotels, hospitality, and resorts sector, we know you don’t want to be wasting time analyzing food suppliers pricing or making a menu analysis week after week when there is a need to service customers and cater to their desires to improve your business. Manage them at the lowest cost and time by implementing our sophisticated hotel food service management software.

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Best Inventory Management Software and Procurement Solutions for Hotels, Resorts & Hospitality

DiningEdge can be used in the bar, for customer menu ordering, inventory management, employee scheduling, accounts management, vendor rebate analysis, POS, recipe management, and much more!

Its many features automate key activities, therefore controlling their costs so that profits can be improved. Through it, you can accurately carry out fundamental operations which in turn enhance employee productivity and also help with customer satisfaction.

DiningEdge has more than 30 years of local experience in the hotels, hospitality, and resorts industry. Over the years we have provided catering companies, hotels, restaurants, country clubs, bars, school canteens, resorts, hospitality businesses, etc, where buying food and products is the key activity. Schedule for a free demo, and check out how exactly our solution will help transform your business into one that works with higher performance, providing high quality pservice. Create trust in your clients and also get assistance from vendors offering the lowest cost through our innovative, modern solutions that have been created respectively to manage administrative tasks and other operations that are crucial to managing your business.


Software in May 2010. Year to date we have saved over 8% true audited savings, I truly believe there would be no savings at all. Another savings is definitely in our Executive Chef’s time. What used to take him 2 hours per order to complete, …

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