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We, at DiningEdge, provide complete software to food courts and canteen owners to make it easy and convenient for them to manage the operations. Our food court management software takes care of all the needs and requirements ensuring satisfaction among food court owners.

Powerful & Highly Configurable Food Court Software & Food Service POS Solutions to Manage Your Food Court, Canteen, Pub, Cafeteria & More

Our software package comes with different features and offerings:

Inventory Management

DiningEdge handles inventory efficiently. Our software is so easy to use that it is going to be loved by your entire team! Additionally, you will get food court order management software, food court food & beverages management, and food court purchasing software to make the entire process!

Food Cost Management

Our software helps take care of managing the cost of food in real-time with reports and dashboards for maximizing the margins!

food court management software

Invoice Management

Get work done faster and don’t compromise on accuracy ever again! With invoice management you can easily automate invoice processing.

Employee Management

We also offer employee scheduling software to make the task of managing your employees easy and effective.

Budgeting and Forecasting

We offer a range of analytics software such as vendor price comparison software, vendor rebate management, food court menu analysis, and food court price comparison software to give you a real-time analysis as well as the future requirement!


Our software comes with some specialized integrations like our food court POS management, food court online ordering system, and a range of others that your business requires.

Manage all your food court & canteen operations smartly with DiningEdge Technology. Get in touch with our team of experts and specify your requirements and the rest would be taken care of by our expert team!


With over 12 million dollars in Purchases, DiningEdge claimed the savings with all their programs would surpass $500,000 in genuine savings, we found this to be true, their work ethic and care for their customers are exceptional. I am glad we joined their Services and Rebate program.

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