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Recipe & Menu Management Software

MenuEdge allows you to cost out recipes and menu items and control food cost. Using this tool you will always know what your current food cost is and where you are making the most money and when it is time to change menu prices, change ingredients or to add or lessen an item. 

Your all-in-one restaurant management platform designed for restaurants of all sizes.

Recipe & Menu Management

DiningEdge Technology offers you an extremely powerful tool to help your business overcome tasks such as nutrition analysis, menu engineering, and food costing in any foodservice industry. Recipe Configuration gives you control of your restaurant menus online and cloud-based!
  • Recipe Management

  • Recipe Costing

  • Recipes (Includes Plate Pictures and Videos)

  • Menu Engineering

  • Nutritional Value

  • Link to POS

  • Menu Groups

  • Serving Sizes

  • Recipe Breakdown

Management recipes across restaurants

Menu Analysis tool gives you complete control over your restaurant theoretical food/beverage cost based on POS Menu Mix.
  • Flexible Date Range

  • POS Integration

  • Product Mix

  • Number Sold

  • Price Per Unit

  • Sort By Menu Group

  • Profitability by Item and Menu Group

  • Loss Leaders

  • High Sales / Low Profit

  • Theoretical Food Cost

Our software is fully automated

Recipe List Solution provides a systematic approach to evaluating every item in the list. Help your manager identify items to sell.
  • Search by Name

  • Search by Ingredients

  • List of All Recipes

DET Software

Recipe Detail

Recipe Detail takes each menu item’s popularity and contribution margin into account.
  • List of Ingredients

  • The yield of Raw Material

  • Price (based on Costing Method)

  • Instructions

  • The yield of Batch Recipe

Recipe Picture & Video

Recipe Picture & Video will help you keep your team updated with menu item’s profitability so that recipe designs, practice plannings, and customer pricing decisions can be made.
  • Upload a Picture

  • Select Picture from Images

  • Or Take a Picture

Nutritional Value

Nutritional Value follows the process of methodical selecting, pricing, costing, and evaluating menu items.
  • Link to USDA Database

  • Calculation

Recipe Details

  • Cost

  • Yield

  • Grouping

  • RecipeType


Your costs on your food directly affect your bottom line, your profits. If you don’t have a strong handle on your food costs every day you are losing money!
  • Backend Management Can be done from any computer with internet access

  • App Runs on IOS and Android Devices

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