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Advantages Of Comparing Prices From Multiple Vendors

When ordering items for your restaurant, do you shop around for the best deals? Or do you feel more comfortable making all your purchases from one vendor?

Of course there are advantages to sticking with one vendor. You get one big delivery instead of several small ones, you get to know your delivery guy, and you feel like it saves you time. But in the long run, does it really pay to stay loyal to one vendor?

Here’s our take on it.

With one vendor, although it seems like you’re getting a great deal, that is often not the case. You often end up paying more for items that fluctuate in price (seasonal items for example), prices tend to slowly increase over time, and you are limited to only the products they offer.

With multiple vendors you have the advantage! You are able to find the best price available on any item, you have access to even more products, and when vendors find out that you’re shopping around they will often bargain their prices to gain your business. Not to mention, restaurants that shop multiple vendors with RebateEdge are able to save 8-12% (on average) over restaurants that stay loyal to only one vendor.

Of course saving money sounds great to everyone, so maybe the bigger question here is, “Who has time to shop around?”

The great news is there is now a way to save both time and money. With DiningEdge Technology, you can compare live prices from multiple vendors, replace discontinued items, and find comparable products. Reporting and the ability to order directly from the platform is also built in, so you can stay on top of your game.

Contact us today for a free demo. We would love to show you how ordering from multiple vendors can save you money.